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Apple’s iPads – The Store House of Splendid Features

Apple never ceases to surprise its users. After astounding the world with iPad 1 and 2, it has once again astonished the world with another version of excellence and brilliance, the all new Apple iPad 3. iPad wasn’t enough for people to stop, stare and wonder. Apple’s third generation tablet is lighter, better and faster. Its clarity has improved drastically and with 3.1 millions pixels and 44% more saturation, things look crystal-clear in the same 9.7 inch screen.

When Apple Inc. came out with iPad 2, it reduced the gap between the screen and the battery that made the tablet almost 33 % thinner and lighter than its previous version. It introduced certain features and modified few existing ones. The story was similar when Apple came out with iPad 3. This third generation tablet had some new features and consisted of other similar features in their modified versions.

Following are few spectacular features of the latest iPad:

Dual-core A5X chip: Custom designed and equipped with quad-core graphics, this small thing inside the magnificent iPad drives 4 times the pixels of iPad 2 with the same efficiency and fluidity that iPad is known for.

The iSight Camera: Fitted with advanced optics, this 5 MP iSight camera enables photographers to shoot pixel-perfect photos with amazing visual clarity.

4G LTE: It already had a Wi-Fi and now it even has an ultrafast 4G LTE that is surely going to speed up your web surfing.

iCloud: So, you have an iPhone as well as an iPad. You want to manage photos on both the iDevices simultaneously. Apple understands your problem and therefore, it has iCloud that
wirelessly pushes your photos, apps, music and documents to all your iDevices.

iOS 5: All features would become worthless without Apple’s bewildering operating system. The new iOS 5 is in every sense special. With more than 200 features, it has made iPad the Magnum Opus.

iPad Applications are Delightful

Along with delightful features, the new iPad also has delightful and useful applications for its users. Its features provide a strong support to its applications giving them a unique look and feel with extraordinary user-experience. A user can go for application development for iPad in various verticals. Apple has already stuffed the device with plenty of apps but, it has also provided the flexibility to users so that they can have their own customized apps.

A user can go for app development in the following verticals:

Business: Whether it is project management or market research, business apps in iPad work in synchronization with its features and utilizes those features to meet your expectations.

Education: With education apps in iPad, it won’t be hard for your child to learn any subject. Maths, science, English – learning becomes easier with education apps in iPad.

Entertainment: Full-on entertainment is guaranteed with entertainment apps. With 10 hours long battery life and superb graphics, one can enjoy non-stop music and movies with the best iPad apps for entertainment

Games: Game lovers can rejoice because nothing is going to be better for gaming than iPad. With special game apps for iPad, your experience gets better and more real.
Social Networking: Get social networking apps for iPad, and keep your loved ones updated on your latest happenings and share photos and videos with them.

News: Some people don’t want to miss out on single breaking news. News apps are just their thing because news apps bring in the latest news to them.

Travel: If you love to travel, then travel apps will assist you in every way. Use these apps to find the best deals and every information on your travel location.

Sports: You are looking for tips to improve your game and coaching tips for your team, then work out on some great iPad apps for sports that give you detailed information on your game.

Lifestyle: Whether it is fitness, cuisines, or interior designing tips, lifestyle apps on iPad are exclusively meant to make your life better.

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