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Explore the High-end possibilities for Photo Editing – Custom iPad Apps Development

iPad, Due to its A4 chip, can process photos better. iPad can store a big photo gallery because of its storage capacity. It only needs some editing software and iTune store or a reputed iPad Application Development Company can provide it to you.

Improving Digital Photo

Photo Gen for iPad is one of them. It offers comprehensive professional photo editing tools.

  • You can edit photo directly from the clipboard
  • Crop and straightens
  • Sharpen
  • Full set of color adjustment including levels and curves
  • Correct the underexposed photo and add a spark to washed out one
  • You can apply one of the artistic filters, sepia tone or edge blur
  • You can add text bubbles of different style, color or fonts
  • You can add frames of different shapes and colors including shadows and glows
  • You can add especial effects like reflection or vignette
  • You can apply one of our supplied macros or can create custom one
  • Multiple time undo or redo
  • Resize photo to any resolution
  • You can save your photo into the iPad gallery
  • You can upload photo on facebook or Twitter
  • You can mail your photo to a friend

Professional Photo Editing

Pixel magic is one of the tools to do professional photo editing on iPad. Its attractive features are :

  • More than ten high quality filters- sharpen, de-noise, blur, etc.
  • Effects like sepia and vignette
  • Auto-fix
  • Histogram control
  • Red eye fix
  • Digital brushes like sharpen, blur, paintbrush, etc.
  • Crop, rotate, mirror, etc.

Photo Pad by ZAGG is another professional photo editing app. It is capable to :

  • Image rotation
  • Image scaling
  • Drawing/sketching
  • Paint bucket
  • Color swap
  • Cropping
  • Threshold level
  • Poster resize
  • Adjust color
  • Contrast
  • Tint
  • Chromaticity
  • Saturation

3D Gallery is a new concept of storing photos as well as editing. You can Walk-through virtual gallery on iPad. You can password protect your gallery. We describe features as under:

  • Smooth graphics
  • Real time 3D graphics engine
  • 3 virtual galleries with 6500 photo capacity!
  • Multi-texturing, animated texture, light maps
  • Efficient rendering functions
  • Simple touch control
  • Drag/flick your finger across the screen to change your line of sight
  • Arrow buttons as walking guides
  • Double tap the picture frames to edit them: move / rotate / resize them and can insert pictures from your own albums

There are three modes to view galleries.

Editing Mode : Double tap on the picture frame to launch the editing screen

Picking Mode : Double tap on the picture frame to directly launch the image picker

Viewing Mode : Double tap on the picture frame to view it zoomed or centered

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